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A Little History

As a young boy, I grew up in and around the woods and rivers of Western Pennsylvania, where I began my recreational trapping, catching opossums, raccoons, muskrats and fox, to name a few. 

As years progressed and life priorities had changed, I maintained my love for the outdoors and trapping critters. I have also found the public need for an individual such as myself, with now over 35 years of trapping experience, to aid those with nuisance wildlife control issues. I have expanded my trapping experience over the years by adding the infamous Coyote to my critter list of predators.

To trap coyotes in the state of CT requires a special advanced Land Trapping Certificate, which I have obtained by the state DEEP. I take pride in evaluating each and every situation to resolve the root cause of the critters presence.  As a licensed NWCO I utilize safe and Humane practices along with a thorough biological knowledge of the various wildlife in the state of Connecticut.

I specialize in the control of most critters  such as Raccoons, Fox, Coyote, Skunk, Opossum, Bats, Squirrels, Mice, Chipmunks, etc. Check over my website as I provide a little education to the critters and their lifestyle in the Biology section. Sorry I couldn’t include every critter. I serve both New Haven and Fairfield counties so please do not hesitate to give me a call. I may even stray out of my normal region if  immediate help is required.